being random on me2day account

I've made me2day account. It's korean twitter. I know this is crazy,but i'm so desperately to make an account at this just because SHINEE HAS MADE THEIR OFFICIAL ME2DAY ACCOUNT! Yeah, call me crazy,call me nut,call me sick,call me whatever you want to call me!

First, i have no any idea about this site. It used Hangul here and there. Plain kill my eyes. I kept murmured "WHERE ON EARTH IS THE SIGN-UP BUTTON??" So i try to search the tutorial how to use me2day account. And you know whattttt? The site has changed their layout and background and other stuff. So the tutorial didn't work at all. Shit

With my want-and-have-to-know abilities (no,i didn't click all of button there) finally,i can make my account!

And here it is.. my new me2day account! click.. click!
But i still don't know how to post me2photo (daily photo) on me2day. Have any idea guise? Tell me.. Te-te-te-te TELL ME!

But quiz are just quiz

I found a quiz on livejournal.. And the result is quite impressive! tee-hee

your life with one of SHINee member
Name / Username
Your Partner Is Onew
Where Did You Meet At the streets where his car bump into yours
What made him fall in love with you Your brightfullness
How did he announce that he had fallen for you: give u a botthe of stars where each stars are written love messages inside
What kind of nickname he calls you your actual name with his own slang
How did he propose to you Release balloons with each letter written on each M-A-R-R-Y-M-E-O-K-? with u watching from the balcony
This QuickKwiz by meyyen - Taken 774 Times.
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Aish. just thinking how it can be was a blissful! I love the way that quiz show me how Onew did the proposal.. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm dying slowly ♥ ♥ ♥

Epik or Epic?

I love Epik High. especially this song. You guys have to try listening!

They used KRap for their music. Consist of three korean named Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz.. kinda weird for a average korean named, eh?

Very Happy Birthday To..

Gee, forgot to posting here at my birthday :(
it's kinda late but still okay

Happy Birthday to ME..

Happy Birthday to my forever awesome Key Kibum <3

I'm 19 finally haha. I feel such an old -_-
Thanks for anyone who wishing and blessing me. May God bless y'all too.

Love Love Love, Birthday Girl ♥ ♥ ♥


long time no post here.. kinda lazy huh >.<

First of all, i want to say: HAPPY EID MUBARAK for all moslems in d the world. May Allah SWT bless us :) .

Semoga tahun ini gw bisa jadi lebih baik. Walaupun kemaren puasanya bolong bolong tapi tetep excited nyambut lebaran tahun ini. Tapi gw sedikit merasa kalo Ramadhan dan Idul Fitri tahun ini kurang meriah (buat gw) dan ga seperti tahun tahun sebelumnya. Tapi nyokap gw bilang itu semua karna gw udah mulai besar, udah ga kaya anak kecil yang excited nyambut lebaran cm karena mau dapet salam tempel. Atau nyambut puasa cuma karna mau maen petasan abis sholat subuh. Yup, i miss those day. Kadang tumbuh besar ga selalu menyenangkan.

Tetangga gw ada yang meninggal pas malam takbiran. Kata orang orang kalau meninggal pas Ramadhan atau Idul Fitri di jamin masuk surga. I dunno, God only knows...

p.s : 2 days left until my 19th birthday! i'm so excited.. yaaaaaaaaay

Daddy's got Lomo

Today is My Daddy's birthday! yipeeey. wish y'all the best pap. i looooooooove u so much mucho!

Last day,i brought something's good.. Lomo Fish eye! This camera totally work out. I also planned to collected all Lomo camera hehe. Holga, Diana F+, and so many. My besties offer me a Polaroid Camera, but the content is too much expensive for me (10k for each). I'll thinking about it Later.

This is the pict. Taken from my new baby 'fish eye'


My dad will go to Japan next week.. Aaaah Dad,may i come with you? I really really wanna go there :( . I want to meet Doraemon! Woo-hoop!